You start off in the sanatorium. There's nothing much to do here but talk to the people you just met in the previous section. You can persuade the nurses to tell you some information about Desther and his Helmites, that they showed up soon after the plague hit. Head north to the Hall of Justice and meet Aribeth. Learn some more about the plague and receive the stone of recall. Before leaving go to the door directly across from where you came in, on the right. Itís the only other door that isn't locked.

In here talk to Olef and get a quest (you might need to use persuasion to get the quest) Collect items and go back out and you can choose to hire a thief (you may want to wait till you get all the other choices)

As soon as you exit Bethany comes running up, if you help her then you get another quest, more on this in the quest section.

In the Moonstone Mask (you can see sign on map) Gills can give you an alternative to the Olef quest, if you want to be an evil alignment. I kept Olef's quest so I don't know anything about it (Note from Sorial: You can do both. I did the tombs quest first, then visited the Moonstone Mask to get information on Olef to blackmail him with). Also in the Moonstone Mask, Ophala the owner will give you a quest if you can persuade her to, again look at the quest section. (you do not need to persuade her to actually get the quest, you can acquire it later on)

In the Shining Knightís arms and armor, if you talk to the shop keep about rare items he will give you a key to the back room where a dwarf will make rare and magic items if you bring him combinations of jewels and magic items. He also gives you a book that lists all the possible combinations. Here's the list, for those of you who might want to plan ahead. Please offer any corrections, as I've already found a discrepancy between what the game says and what reality creates. Each item uses a magic version of it's namesake and the component listed:

Chromatic BreastplateDiamond. Base AC 6
Scales of TruthHoly water. Base AC 5
Leather Whitebone ArmorGargoyle skull. Base AC 3
*BUG ALERT* This recipe actually creates magic half plate armor, base AC 7, with a +2 magic bonus, even if you use magic leather armor in the recipe like the name suggests)
Sentinel battleaxeAdamantite
Double axe of the Tall KinAdamantite
Stonefire great axeAdamantite
Ice reaver handaxeDragon blood
Gladiator clubIronwood
Ironwood dire maceIronwood
Reaver heavy flailDragon blood
Storm light hammerDiamond
Foundation light flailIronwood
Mace of disruptionHoly water
Drone morning starFaerie dust
Rune hammerAdamantite
Harbinger great swordAdamantite
Sword saint katanaAdamantite
Astral blade longswordDiamond
Namarra rapierDragon blood
Desert wind scimitarAdamantite
Feyduster shortswordFaerie dust
Uthgardt ceremonial two-bladed swordIronwood
Ravager halberdDragon blood
Sea reaver scytheAdamantite
Fey spearFaerie dust
Golden sickleHoly water

In the Trade of Blades you can now hire a henchman of almost any class you want. Personally I chose the bard, because she has every skill, especially the helpful attack and defense bonus songs, as well as pick locks and melee. Hereís a breakdown of the henchmen you can receive:

Tomi Undergallows
Rogue, and very good at it. Fights well enough, but best serves you in melee, not ranged combat. He gets sneak attacks, and they pack one hell of a wallop as long as youíre tying up the enemy so he can flank. You can get him in the Hall of Justice where Aribeth is at, right by the door going out.
Lawful Evil monk of the long death. Nasty little guy who hits like a truck, especially at higher levels. Heís almost as good to have around as the barbarian, sometimes better considering he has stunning fist.
Daelan Red Tiger
The Red Tiger part means heís part of the Red Tiger Uthgardt tribe. This is one tough customer, and quite smart for a half orc. Heís not very useful other than for combat, but worth it for that.
Moderate in a fight, certainly not the combat equal of Daelan or Grimgnaw, but not a pushover either. Her real bonuses come from the spells sheíll cast on you (bullís strength, etc.) and the ones sheíll cast on the enemy (nothing nearly as nice as what sheíll cast on you ;) She can pick locks and sing bardís songs (they give you higher attack rolls and things like that, depending on her level).
Linu La'neral
Not very tough in combat, but can heal and cast bless/aid which is helpful. Her real bonus is turn undead, which sheíll do automatically if undead are around. It can take out or at least hinder an entire room of undead quite quickly, making places like Helmís Hold or the Beggarís Nest quite a bit easier.
Boddyknock Glinckle
Gnomish sorcerer. He's ok to have around, but pretty weak unless you simply want some artillery backup. He really seems to like Melf's Acid Arrow, at least at lower levels.

You get two quests as you hire a henchman, one just tells you the basic rules and what happens when your henchman dies (you can never complete this), another is the story of your henchman, each henchman has a different background story and will eventually tell you the whole thing leading to a quest. (You need to be level 5+ before they will tell you the whole story and the quest goals become clear)When you picked your henchman you can buy a ticket for the gauntlet, a fighting pit type thing for 50 gold, the gauntlet is located in black lake. (more info in quest section)

You can now go around exploring the town, picking up odds and ends, please keep in mind you have many choices ahead of you right now, you can head to Blacklake, you need to collect all four components for the cure, as well as the four tombs if you accepted either the good or bad artifacts quest.

I suggest the Peninsula District first because it has the book that tells you the locations for the temples (Look at artifacts quest) even though in my opinion it had the hardest boss. Remember you can do the districts in any order and complete the quests in any order but I will list them in the order of "easiest" to "hardest".

Peninsula District

There isn't much to do here, the guards tell you to report to the person in charge, which is on the other side of the district. You don't really need to do this as she just tells you the blatantly obvious, and you can get the quest completed and pass on without visiting her. Your goal here is to get inside the prison and stop the revolt. There are two ways to do this, one you can go through the underground tunnels directly into the prison, and another way is to go into the sewer system kill the gang of thugs and retrieve the key to the front door. Each involve a quest which arenít listed at the bottom because itís basically just your access of getting in and no thought is involved.

To be able to access the underground tunnels you need to talk to one of the two servants of the queen. They will tell you that a key is hidden under the mat and that they want you to check and make sure she's ok. The girl who tells you this is on the west side, and the man is somewhere close to the middle north-eastern part. I suggest going to the girl on the west side because that is where the tomb that Olef/Gil gave you (see quest section below for more information)

Once you get in the prison you can choose to release a guard that is in one of the cells, you don't gain any experience or quests but he tells you what is going on. Make your way to the second floor, collecting items if you want and a man will whisper for you to follow him.

You may be hesitant but don't worry, he will tell you more about what is going on and describes the basic layout of the prison. Again just explore the level and head downstairs.

This is the final floor of this dungeon and when you get to the end (a lot of locked doors) you see the chief of the prison run downstairs leaving a half-orc to kill you.

Mini-Boss: Half-Orc
This guy packs quite a punch with his double axe. Just keep using healing potions if you need to and he will eventually give up. If you have a lot of trouble you might want to consider wandering the peninsula and trying to level up. Once he gives up you can kill him, get some more information and then kill him, or get some information and let him go. Choice is totally up to you. No matter what you choose you can now head downstairs and prepare yourself for a most annoying boss fight.
Boss - Intellect Devourer

Definitely the most annoying boss in the first chapter. Once you go downstairs the head of the guard will attack you. He blabbers on as you fight hits very hard and has a decent amount of life. After he falls a little bug thing will pop out and attack you. Do as much damage as you can before it runs to a nearby body and jumps in. Fortunately all the guards he can possess are much weaker than the head gaeoler, so they'll fall quickly.

You now have to go through the process of killing all these guards, fighting the bug in between, and each time he comes out of a body his life is completely restored! There are maybe 4 or 5 bodies for him to take, and when he runs out of places to run he will finally fight you. He hits just as hard as the guard captain, and has a little bit more life.

After you kill him take the 1/4th cure and use your stone of recall to go back to the Hall of Justice. You can give the 1/4th cure to her and you will get some gold and experience, you can also give the artifact to whoever you accepted the quest from.

Strategy hint by Kev: You can also persuade the guards down here to leave before fighting the brain eater, therefore giving him no place to run, you can do it with little persuade and it makes the fight a lot easier.

Strategy hint by Sorial: Itís sometimes worth it to take a few hits from the the first guard after the gaeoler is dead to do your persuading, so the devourer has nowhere to run after you kill the his current host. Take a break from whacking hosts and circle the room, persuading guards as you go. If you're playing a rogue, you can wait before attacking the gaeoler: Tell your henchman to stand their ground by the door and use stealth to talk to the guards. Make sure you don't talk to a guard in full view of the head gaeoler, since when you talk you disable stealth mode and he'll see (and attack) you.

Strategy hint by Sorial: This is a terrific place to make use of skills like knockdown or stunning fist. They will make the battle much more simple, and keep you from getting your head ripped off by the Gaeolerís halberd (which you can get from his corpse, along with a piece of ironwood thatís one of the components you can get the dwarf in the back room of the Shining Knight to make into a better item).

Beggarís Nest

In the Beggarís Nest, the guards will inform you that the dead are rising from their graves. The entire district is packed with zombies and the like, so stay on your toes.

Your ultimate goal here is to stop the zombie infestation. Again there are two ways to do this, one is shorter and the other longer. You can also do both ways if you want to fight more and get a lot of experience.

Head to the inn to gain more information and quests. Go meet with the two people the person in charge instructed you to, to gain the information and item needed for each of the two ways. Jemanie will also give a quest.

Now you can either go in the secret clan's hideout (long way) or the factory (short way). They all lead to the same thing and each have a mini boss along the way. You can go through the clan's hideout and instead of going out into the cemetery continue the other way to go through the factory part if you want to do both ways for experience, but you cannot go through the factory and do both, because you will encounter a barred door.

Either way you go you will encounter a similar mini boss, either the leader of the gang of thieves, or the leader of the mysterious clan. These guys can be annoying, and all depends on luck of the dice. They can disarm and knockdown so it can really be aggravating. They also hit pretty hard and the head of the cult can cast spells (but he can't knockdown or disarm).

Eventually you'll come to the Graveyard where you can enter a tomb to get the 2nd artifact for the Never's Tomb quest (see quests) and then enter Warrens of the damned.

There are a lot of traps so be careful, you'll also find the body of Jemanie's brother, and eventually you'll meet up with...

Boss - Gulnan the Yuan-Ti

This is the creature that gave the gang's boss the power to summon the dead. She is also what the mysterious clan is worshipping. Make sure you break the altar first (right click smash) to weaken her power, or when she summons her minion he will kill you very easily. Also, if you run past all the undead and go straight to altar-smashing, all the undead will be destroyed, leaving you only Gulnan and her summoned shadow to fight. Without the altar giving her power she is pretty much an easy boss to fight. Heal if you need to and loot another 1/4th of the cure.

Now that a lot of your quests are done, you can go back to the Shining Serpent inn and talk to the halfling to get a reward, and return the information to Jemanie and Krestal, and do any quests you want to finish in this sector then head back and give the 1/4th cure to Aribeth in the Hall of Justice.

Docks District

This is where things get interesting. Instead of just entering and killing, you start getting more stories. The gate guards inform you that this part of the city is run by muggers and thieves and pirates. I suggest you make sure you go around the entire place getting their coins because you can trade them for magic items a little later.

Make sure you go on the big boat and kill the pirates to get a uniform. Also note that the "locked house" has two entrances, back and front, both having different items to get. In the front entrance you'll find a key, which you can use to get into the pirates hideout.

When youíre done exploring head for the tavern where the auction is supposed to be held where you can get drunk with a pirate, and buy some items from the auctioneer, also trade for the special coins.

Now go into the back room and either persuade or pay off the guy guarding the door and you can also get the password from the guy in the sauna upstairs, don't worry about the key you have it from the locked house, or from the drinking contest with the pirate. Make your way through until you find 2 Bloodsailors tormenting an elven girl (dressed in Bloodsailor clothing) in a closed room. Take out her tormentors, and talk to or kill the girl as you wish.

Talk to her and learn more about the revolt, and where to go next. Make sure you take the instructions from the pirates so you can open the door. She also gives you an amulet (or you can take it off her corpse) for you to get down to the sewers by way of the silver sails trading company.

You can take a quick detour to enter the mansion to the north of the aqueducts to acquire one of the stolen arts, see quests below.

Now head to the aqueducts, kill the pirates and talk to the man by the boat, who'll take you upstream. You can also enter it by way of the Silver Sails trading company.(you must talk with the girl first)You can find a tomb here to the west(thanks to Porphyre) that will show up as an "exit" on your mini map.

After a short walk you'll encounter the two opposing sides of this conflict. You don't really get a choice because the man on the other side will say that you are there to kill the man on your side, and you will be attacked.

Boss: Calik w/ guards

This is a tough fight for many reasons, first his guards are pretty tough, second he is very tough, and he can disarm, and does quite a bit of damage per hit. After you defeat them, make sure to loot the amulet (for a quest) and head around to talk to the other man, Vengaul.

Vengaul thanks you and then tells you to take the feathers. You can let him go or kill his guards, itís up to you. He'll "flee" at any rate. At any rate you can now take another 1/4th of the cure back to the Hall of Justice. Finish up anything you want to finish up and then its time for the final district.

Blacklake District

This is the final and most challenging district. It is also the only one that you have to pass through a monster infested area to get to, but in retrospect, the only district that doesn't have enemies or body's all around.

You start off in No Man's Land, you can talk to the person nearby to get a quest, and head through to a guard post. Now that your in town you see a loud girl in the town square (you can't miss her) once you talk to her you learn about the situation.

This is not an optional quest (Sorial: Actually yes, that quest IS optional. You can simply walk into the Meldanen estate, take the dryad, and use the stone of recall to get back to the Hall of Justice if you really don't want to deal with Formosa or the rest of this area); you have to do this to get the final part of the cure. Say that you will kill him and bring the key back, even if you don't want to kill him, and head up north to his estate.

Note: the Hodge and Rumbottom estate are good places to make fast cash and experience, and also the places where you get the other two stolen art. Also in the southwestern house you can persuade the woman there to tell you about her bookcase, which leads to the last artifact.

Also note in the nobleman's residence you can persuade the woman inside then force her to pay you therefore moving your alignment 3 points toward evil, a good way to lose alignment if you want to be evil.

You either can persuade the man at the gate to let you through, or you'll have to pay. There is another way to get in submitted by Lord Shitzu: Find an old woman named Milly, and if you can persuade her to talk to you about the wizard she will give you a key to her house and open a portal to the bedroom of his home. Thanks Lord Shitzu!

Note from Sorial: If you canít persuade Milly, you can always tell her to talk or sheíll be cleaning without hands... Keep in mind that this is an evil act.

Once you get inside a dumb orc will ask you who you are, you again can persuade and he will open the door, or will have to fight/pay him. Alternatively, you can walk right past him and pick or blow down the door to his right (as he's facing you) and just walk through.

Do the usual things, make sure you search around for items and watch out for traps, and also make sure to rescue a man in prison for some easy money. When you get to a big room with a cage in the corner save. When you move close to the cage the prisoner will scream that he is near and he will magically appear behind you, near the red symbol on the floor.

Boss - Meldanen

He's pretty tuff but luckily he doesn't hit that hard. His magic can kill though; in fact his ice storm spell thing will kill your hireling and possibly kill you. Again, it comes down to luck; which spells he casts at you, how often and how fast you can get his life down. Like the head Gaeoler, stunning fist and knockdown are terrific feats to use in defeating Meldanen.

Eventually he will surrender, you yell at him for taking the dryad and he begs for his life, bribing you with 500 gold. Make sure you get the key and his tooth as well as the 500 gold, so you can get 500 gold for "killing" him from the young woman speaking outside, near Meldanenís warehouse. Now free the Dryad and either be nice or mean to her depending on your alignment and you will get the last part of the cure.

Note from Sorial: You can get all the same rewards for killing Meldanen outright, from the tooth you rip out of his head to the gold, and his staff, which you canít get otherwise. Itís a pretty nice staff for a sorcerer or wizard, giving some bonuses youíll have a hard time beating. Killing him is not an evil act, since he is evil himself. Alternatively, if you're feeling mean, you can talk Meldanen into telling you about Formosa (the loud half-elf woman talking to the audience in Blacklake). He'll pay you handsomely to kill her, in which case you'll get the reward she would have given you for killing Meldanen, plus a few extra goodies. If you're a wizard or sorcerer, I'd suggest killing Meldanen for his staff. Otherwise, kill Formosa for what she's carrying.

Go back and report to (or kill!) Formosa outside Meldanenís warehouse, give her the tooth and the key and you will get your reward.

If you're feeling exceptionally mean and nasty, you can kill Meldanen AND Formosa. If you take Meldanen's money in exchange for killing Formosa, you end up with a bit more money than what Formosa would have given you, AND you get Formosa's money from her body. If you kill Meldanen and then kill Formosa on your own, you'll get Meldanen's staff, which is worth more money than he'd give you to kill her (killing Meldanen and taking out Formosa just because you're mean is the more profitable way to go, but isn't exactly going to make you good aligned).

Do any remaining quests in this area you want to do and head back and give the component to Aribeth, but remember once you agree to go make the potion all your quests waiting to be completed disappear so make sure youíre ready! Quests are an easy way to make money and experience.

Ritual Chamber

When youíre ready you are taken to a special room where you see Aribeth, Desther and Fenthick performing a ceremony to make the cure. Talk to the characters with names and the ceremony will start. Watch this disturbing but predictable event take place, and kill the enemies. You don't gain anything extra by keeping all the Tyran priests alive, but it's quite a challenge.

Now you must go to Helm's hold, through the open portal.

Helm's Hold

This place is pretty straight forward. There are three ways to enter, through the cave, through the front, and through the side.

The cave is to the west as soon as you enter, and will lead to lower prisons, where you can talk to a prisoner and learn about whatís going on. You can also buy/sell from a little boy in there. If you choose to enter this way just go north to see the spirit first.

I found the way to get through the front door the 2nd time through (although I fought the actual monsters first then realized how to do it), There is a gem you find in the courtyard on a body, that will go on the altar. I got 50 exp for doing this after the guardians inside the front door were dead and according to Ketzer they all run away, at the time I got over 200 exp for each of them though. Keep in mind they are VERY HARD.

Sorial's note: The guardians do not simply "run away" when you put the gem on the altar. They instead teleport to locations inside Helm's Hold and begin fighting all the skeleton mages and priests (and other creatures, depending on your average party level when you enter the Hold), and will appear as allied with you when you run into them next. Take care not to use area-effect spells that might harm them, or they'll attack you too. You might have realized already that using the gem is the easier but less XP method - if you kill the guardians (yes, they ARE tough) and then clean out the Hold, you'll end up XP ahead, but perhaps dead. :)

The side entrance will lead you up near the only real quest you have in this area. You can either free a demon or banish the demon and resurrect the good god. Read quests for detailed information.

All three lead to the same place so you can enter either through the cave or through the side and do everything there is to do, although there isn't much in terms of loot in here. When youíre done with the quest and ready head upstairs...thereís no turning back!

The door now locks behind you and you have to fight the traitor! The bad news is there are about 10 other zombies in there, the good news is that he won't run and fight you with them. There are a bunch of zombies in a pentagram pattern with him in the center, with magic energy running through him, so take care of all the zombies before you start on him. The magic-channeling constructs are very easy to take out, and it only takes destroying 3 of them to ruin Destherís power. Heís only a cleric after that, though heís still incredibly tough for most characters, so be wary.

Boss - Desther the traitor!

Desther is tough, and very scary. First thing you HAVE to do is kill at least 3 of the constructs that surround him. If you don't then he will be immune to all your attacks. Once you do this you have to fight the hardest boss in Chapter 1 (ironically the last one!). He is a mixture of very hard hitting, and very powerful magic.

Sorial's note: Watch the spinning lights over his head - they're an indication of his relative immunity to your attacks. While you can attack and do damage while he's "lit up" like that, he absorbs quite a bit more under it's effects. As a rogue, run run away and go into stealth mode (if you can - haste helps a lot there) and wait for his spell to wear off (also note that the guardians must be dead or it won't wear off). Other characters have alternatives, such as invisibility for arcane spell casters, sanctuary for divine spell casters, etc.

Like the last boss his ice storm blocks can kill you and your henchman, and he usually does 10-20 damage in melee combat. Luckily he doesn't disarm or knock down, but he does stay alive for along time. Eventually he will give up (at barely wounded sometimes) and you can talk to him.

Make sure you tell him that youíre going to look around first, or make sure you look around before you talk to him, because you can find some nice items in this area, as well as books. When youíre ready to leave talk to him again and take him back to Neverwinter, and enjoy the sequences!

Congrats! You just completed Chapter 1!!

Proof of a secret cult/Proof of a traitor
During your collection of the 4 cure components you will get attacked randomly twice. First time it will be the same mystery men that attacked you in the beginning of the game. The second time it will be hired assassins. Each time loot a note, read it, and take it back to the man you met in the barn to get experience and gold.
Never's Tomb
You get this from either Olef in the Hall of Justice, or Gills in the Moonstone Mask. You have to collect all four artifacts from the founder of Neverwinter and bribing them back. The first one is found easily, in the peninsula district.

Also here you get three key items, Ceremonial Sword, Shield, and Arrow. These are the keys to opening the other tombs so make sure you take them! You also get the book with the locations of the other tombs.

In the order that it is listed the next tomb is in the Graveyard in Beggarís Nest. You pass this place while heading through to get the cure component in this district and is hard to miss. Use the shield to get in. There is a mummy guarding it.

The next is in the Docks, in the aqueducts. Enter through the Silver Sails Company and head to the west(it will be marked as an exit on your map) and use the sword artifact to enter.(thanks to Porphyre)

The last one is in the house to the west as soon as you enter the Blacklake district. You'll need to persuade the woman in there to tell you about her bookcase, and the noises she hears from inside. She tells you that it moves when you say a certain word, and now you can go in and head for the next artifact. The entrance room is crawling with zombies and skeletons, use the final artifact(the arrow)and when your ready save it, because it might take you a few tries.

The tomb is guarded by five swords of never. These guys are incredibly hard, and fighting them will probably not be an option. They do at least 20 damage each turn and your accuracy in hitting them will not be good.(I did receive a report of someone being able to kill these guys, with hirelings taking the damage while they cast spells so it isn't completely impossible)

Sorial's note: There is mention in the book left by the scribe that the guardians of Never's tomb will attack unless you have the proper wards.. what these are I have no idea, but it seems possible that there is a way to get past them without fighting them.

What you have to do is run behind the tomb, leading them with you in a circle and you should be able to run fast enough that all of them follow you behind, but are too slow to keep up with you. You must quickly open the tomb and loot the items and quickly run back out. If you want to try and fight them you can give it a try, in fact many people have reported being able to do it, but it is very challenging.

Just return the artifacts to Olef to receive gold and experience, you don't have to return all of them, each one you return you will get the same reward. I'm not sure of the reward for returning all three though.

The Wailing and the Waterdhavians
This is the quest you start with when you first start the chapter. You complete it after all 4 components of the cure are returned to the Hall of Justice.
Art Thief
This is the quest that you get by persuading Ophala. Although you don't have to persuade her to complete this quest and there is no bonus to experience or prize, being able to persuade her into telling you her problem will let you know where to look, but hey, thatís why I'm here! Urn for Ophala

You get this quest when you find the urn in the Hodge estate in the Blacklake district. The Hodge estate is the harder of the two in this district, mainly because of all the traps. You can find a lot of good items here and get some nice experience, and should also find the urn without any trouble.

But you must be VERY careful about door traps. There are a lot of doors in this mansion that will kill you automatically, and there are alternate routes you must take to get into the room behind that trapped door. Save often in here, and when you are finished leave this deathtrap behind.

Portrait for Ophala

You get this quest when you find the portrait in the Rumbottom estate. This place is a lot easier in once sense, but a lot harder in another if you didn't take my advice and get a bard,(or have picklock skill) Instead of traps there are locks. Almost every door and every chest is locked, which can get very frustrating if you don't have access to picklocks, because smashing chests can be very time consuming.

When you find Rumbottom make sure not to hurt him, threaten him to get his key and the Portrait and then you can leave when your ready.

Statue for Ophala

Again you get this after finding the statue in the mansion in the docks district. This house has its hard parts because in some rooms there are a gang of guards (5+). Itís a pretty simple layout though and when you find the owner he tells you to take everything, after some threatening.

Remember that you cannot hurt any of these two people because she won't accept the items if you kill them. Don't ask me why but thatís what she says when you persuade her. You get experience and gold for each, and bonus experience and gold and magic boots when you complete them all.

Prison Break
You can go talk to the head of the guard on the other side of the district to get this, but you don't need to (You already have it from talking to Bethany outside the Hall of Justice). Get inside the prison and make your way down to the bottom where the head Gaeoler is.

Beat the bosses like stated above and itís done, you automatically get your experience and gold once you loot the boss.

Aldo and Hector
An easy and simple quest in the Beggarís nest. Either talk to Aldo (in the center of town guarding his wagon) or Hector (in Thomas Wagon Repair shop) to get this quest. Its easier and faster to just talk to Hector first, he will explain his situation and you can bring him to Aldo.

If you run into Aldo first he will tell you to look for Hector, then you go get Hector in the shop and lead him to Aldo. Itís an easy quest, but not that big of a reward.

Find Krestal
Easy to do; just enter the building heís in, near the northeast corner of the map. Heís upstairs, and will give you information about the Sword Coast Boys in the warehouse when you talk to him.
Find Jemanie
This is the other way to get down to Gulnan. Jemanie is in the barricaded home just south of the far northwest barricaded home, which is the other entrance to the catacombs. Heíll give you a wardstone to enter the far northwest home if you ask him about it. Heís also the person you return Torinís ring to, once you find it (itís in the catacombs behind a trapped door, on the eastern side of the map).
Undead Infestation
You get these quests after gathering info at the tavern from the halfling in charge. He tells you he will reward you greatly for getting rid of this undead problem and tells you that Krestal and Jemanie may know some things.

Krestal lives nearby in the boarded up shack to the north. He will tell you about his gang and that the leader is holed up in the warehouse. You receive the Sword Coast Boys quest from talking to him.

Jemanie lives on the western side, in the boarded up house, talking to him will give you more information about a serpent cult. You may need to persuade to get the key to get into the secret hideout. You get the quests ďA Missing BrotherĒ and ďA strange cultĒ by talking to him. To complete Undead Infestation just return to the boss of the tavern after you kill the boss to receive a reward.

Sword Coast Boys
Kill the leader of the Sword Coast gang and talk to Krestal after you cleanse the streets to complete this quest.
A Missing Brother
After finding Torinís corpse in the Warrens of the Damned, return his ring to Jemanie to finish this quest.
A Strange Cult
You complete this after defeating the boss of the district. You do not need to go through the secret entrance and defeat the cult's leader to finish this quest, but you can if you want extra experience/items.
A Lost Soul
The man at the Helmite Shrine mentions that he is missing his brother. Go to the entrance of the cemetery and loot Marcusí body. You can return his journal and staff to the man in the Helmite shrine (Marcusí brother) for rewards and experience, or you can keep the items if you want, (it might lower your alignment) but after you show him the journal and give it to him you get your reward. There isnít an advantage to keeping the journal, and the staff is unfortunately rather weak, so itís recommended that you hand it all over. If you want to be evil, extort extra money from Marcusí brother in exchange for the items.
The prostitute's Brooch
You get this quest from Tamora in the Moonstone Mask; she will give you a brooch to give to a man named Hoff in the dock's district. He is by the most northern dock, the man in the blue armor that won't talk to you if you do not have this quest. (Thanks to Giraldella for this info!)
The Masterson Amulet
Talk to Masterson in the dock's district to learn his situation. Don't worry about trying to find it, you will eventually find the man who has his amulet and return it to him to get a reward, or keep it for yourself, up to you.
Trouble In the District
The only other quest directly related to the Dock's district and the basic goal for what you need to do. Get the key in the locked house, learn about the uprising between the thieves, and go to the aqueducts to kill Callik. Completed automatically when you get the feather.
Trouble in No Man's Land
This is a very small quest. The man gives this to you as you enter the no man's land and tells you about a half-orc terrorizing the area. When you get to his shack (you cannot miss it) you have to fight this very tough boss.

Boss: half-orc
He is very tough, especially if you come here early in the game. There is a good chance your hireling will die. Hereís a tip: make sure you kill the dog first, and since you fight him right inside of a building, you can easily enter, hit and exit, rest save and repeat. It took me along time to do it but it works. Return the orc's head to the man to get your reward.

This is the main quest for this district; you get it after talking to the girl yelling in the town center. After bringing back the man's key and or tooth you finish this quest.
Tension Rising
You get this after you learn that Meldanen has one of the four animals needed. You get this after you get a lock of the Dryad's hair, either by killing her or being nice.
Samuel's Rescue
Easy money, just release the prisoner Samuel in Meldanen's keep, then go to the bar in this area and talk to his captain to receive a reward.
The Gauntlet Arena
If you bought a pass for the gauntlet you can now enter it by trading it in to the barkeep in the same bar where you got your reward for rescuing Samuel.

You must win four battles to do this quest, and although it is pretty hard compared to the reward, it is a fun way to test your skills in battle, as well as make a little extra money if you do it early on in the game (a little as in 50 gold in a game week, nothing to start your game over for).

The first three battles are pretty even, each of them gets an animal companion (wolf, dire wolf, and two panthers) and you have to fight a dwarven fighter, a monk a barbarian, and a very wimpy gauntlet leader (but only if you had the girl cast dispel magic on both of you). You should be able to do these battles with little to no problem by now, but now its time to fight the owner of the bar, for the bar.

Before you start make sure that you get the battle even, and the girl casts dispel magic on both of you. You will either have to pay her or pursuade her to do this. This is a tough fight because he has two big panthers. If you manage to get rid of the panthers then you should be able to handle him one on one with a few healing potions.

After you defeat him he hands over the bar to you and you can now get the profits made by the bar. The down side is most of the customers were his friends, so the most you'll get per week is 50 gold. But still a fun time, and if you ever come back to this town (I havenít made it that far yet) you might be able to actually make some real money.

Animal Rescue
If you visited the Zoo in the Blacklake district then you will know where to go. Talk to the elven druid standing near the big tree in the main town centre, near the Hall of Justice. He will tell you about how the animals are treated and you can help rescue them.

He will give you some items and a key, make your way to the Zoo and head into the locked door to the east. A lot of guards will try and stop you but fight your way past and make it till you find the man who owns the zoo...

Boss: "sureshot"
You donít have to kill him to complete the zoo quest, but he gives a lot of experience, and rightfully so, he is very hard. He will automatically get the upper hand because of his bowing skills as you are running towards him, and he also has very nice melee attack damage. His corpse has a rather nice +1 bow if you have an archer character.

After you beat him, head out to the tree, and click on the small tree that is next to the big stump. You can turn it into a portal from the item that the druid in the City Core gave you. Now head back in and talk to each of the four animals, and tell them to run outside to safety. Follow them out and talk to them again, telling them to go in the portal. Now return to the druid to receive your reward. (Note: you can persuade him into giving you ironwood, a component in making magical armor/weapons.)

Sorial's note: You don't have to kill Sureshot. You can instead simply free the animals and never enter Sureshot's room (the one adjacent to the far northwest guard room in the long northern hallway).

The Cure at last
Not really a quest. Simply talk to everyone, watch what happens, defeat the enemies and enter the portal to Helm's Hold.
Pursuit of the Backstabber
This is another really simple quest. You get it as you start out in Helmet's hold, and complete it after you bring the traitor back to Neverwinter.
A Devil's Deal
Finally a quest with some real choice in it! Some people will mistakenly resurrect the evil spirit because they want a reward instead of experience. But here are the facts of this quest. You get it after talking to the evil spirit waiting to be restored. He tells you about the book to the south that will complete the resurrection process. He doesn't tell you that it can also banish him.

Now if you choose to resurrect him you can either choose to get a Cloak of Movement, a very expensive cloak that lets you move without fear of spider webs or speed slowing attacks. You can get a magic double axe, (1d8/1d8 with a critical of x3), or a selection of buffs that will last a VERY short time (his words not mine).

You can also choose to banish the demon, and receive 375 XP. If you choose this you can now resurrect the good spirit of helm, by finding the book near the stairs up. Just having this book go click on the same alter and you can resurrect the spirit of helm, and again you get a choice. One he will answer your questions, not a real good prize and if you really want to hear his answers then save it pick that one, then load after your done listening so you can still get a prize from one of the following:

  1. Ring of elemental resistance, which gives +15 to all elemental resistances.
  2. An elven court bow, which is a pretty good bow with piercing ablitity.
  3. The same short lived buffs that the evil one would give you.
  4. 275 XP by picking no reward.

Now this is a choice of preference only, as you don't lose any alignment points, but if there is anything later on in the game that this effects you'll surely get an update.

Joining the wizardsí guild (sorcerer/wizard only) (special thanks to GinsuX )
Right outside the Hall of Justice is a tower. Inside is a woman who will inform you about the Starred Cloak guild. When asking her to join her guild she will give this quest to gather 4 items. They are in different parts of the city marked with sundials.

There is a "wizard lab" now marked in each of the four districts. Each lab will have an elemental mephit guarding it (one for each element). After defeating each guardian look for something to loot in each lab. After bringing all four items back she will then give you the second test to become a member.

You must now enter the yellow portal in the room and defeat a construct that she created. Save and fight him, if you leave the room before it dies you fail, if you die, then you fail. Strategy from GinsuX "Before entering the portal save and tell your companion(s) to stand their ground so that they do not rush up and attack before you are prepared. Once you enter the portal, check out the lootable things nearby. Each one has a wand in it: water, fire, earth and water. Stoneskin your henchman and slow the construct (using the wands) then tell your henchmen to guard you. Let your henchmen melee it and cast your spells from afar.

Now go back and talk to the guild mistress and you will be a member of the guild! You get nice rewards as well as access to new items that you couldn't buy before.

Strategy tip by sorcerer Selenius Dure: If you use the wands you loot on the construct (including stoneskin) in the order you were instructed to by element, the construct will never activate, and will just talk to you.

Addition by Sorial: The aforementioned strategy tip will ONLY work if you keep your henchmen and other creatures controlled, as the guild mistress explains. What that means is to tell them to stand their ground the instant you get through the portal. Pausing is a great way to do that - also make sure they don't have missile weapons equipped, because if they shoot at the construct, it'll activate.

Henchman Quests
Tomi Undergallows the Rogue
He wants some official documents that will let him return to his home. You can find them in Beggarís nest, in the wagon repair shop. In exchange you'll get some experience, and he'll give you a ring that gives a dexterity bonus as well as some thief skill bonuses. (Thanks to Lokus)
Daelan Red Tiger the Barbarian
He seeks a brooch that can be found in the docks, in one of the treasure chests on the Blood Sailor boat or found around the docks in chests. (Thanks to Pyrodigm)
Sharwyn the Bard
She wants the celestial elixir, which according to Pyrodigm is located in the Tanglebrook estate back room (confirmed by Sorial). (Thanks Pyrodigm)
Boddyknock Glinckle the Sorcerer
Wants a bread recipe, again I found this in Beggarís nest in the cook store on the body of the cook. (Thanks to SeTsWiPe)
Linu La'neral the Cleric
She wants a chalice that is found in the wizardís home in Blacklake district.
Grimgnaw the Monk
He wants a ring of a former member of his clan. It is in No Man's Land, between the City Core and Blacklake. (Thanks to Dirk7)
Major Points of Interest
Beggar's Nest
Beggar's Nest - Arcane Laboratory
Beggar's Nest - Great Graveyard (Enter from Crypts)
Beggar's Nest - Shining Serpent Inn
Beggar's Nest - Siril's Bakery
Beggar's Nest - Snake Cult Estate (Entrance to Crypts here)
Beggar's Nest - Temple of Helm
Beggar's Nest - Thomas' Wheelwright
Beggar's Nest - Tomb
Beggar's Nest - Warehouse (Entrance to Crypts here)
Beggar's Nest - Warrens of the Damned (Enter from Great Graveyard)
Blacklake - Arcane Laboratory
Blacklake - Barricades
Blacklake - Board Laid Bare (Gauntlet in here)
Blacklake - Hodge Estate
Blacklake - Meldanen's Estate (Meldanen's Sanctum in here)
Blacklake - Meldanen's Warehouse
Blacklake - Milly's House
Blacklake - Tomb
Blacklake - No-Man's-Land
Blacklake - Rumbottom Estate
Blacklake - Zoo (Grove in here)
Cite Core
Cite Core - Cloaktower
Cite Core - Hall of Justice (Apse and Sanatorium are in here)
Cite Core - Moonstone Mask
Cite Core - Refugee Shelter
Cite Core - Shining Knight Arms and Armor (Marrok's Forge is in here)
Cite Core - Trade of Blades
Docks - Androd Estate
Docks - Arcane Laboratory
Docks - Bloodsailor Hideout
Docks - Golden Apple
Docks - Seedy Tavern
Docks - Silver Sails Trading Company
Docks - Tomb
Docks - Twenty in a Quiver
Docks - Aqueducts
Peninsula - Arcane Laboratory
Peninsula - Militia HQ
Peninsula - Mizzenmast Mercantile
Peninsula - Prison
Peninsula - Sewers
Peninsula - Tanglebrook Estate
Peninsula - Tomb

Missing Information: If you notice anything missing, please send it to Sorial