You start off in the barracks, and you learn about what is going on. You can gather information from Aribeth and a new face, Aarin Gend (Lord Nasher's spymaster). You also get to pick a henchman again. I suggest picking the same henchman as last time if you completed their quest, because to get the henchman quest in here they have to trust you and know you, not just level up...and the only way to get them to trust you is to complete the first quest.

Talk to the mayor to get a quest if you want and cross over to the Alliance Arms Inn to learn about the werewolves and get your gem quest, check around town for items and such. The magic store will give you a book quest, while a ranger nearby will give you a quest for the woods.

Once you leave the barracks, a young man will run up to you telling that he needs help, and to see his father. You can persuade the captain in the dock house to send relief packages for some experience and gold, but it is not a quest.

Once you feel you've searched everywhere and gotten all the quests (check quests below for list) then head up north to the caves. It doesn't matter which one you go in, but I suggest the top most one, so you can just make your way down.

The caves are pretty straight forward, and there are a few bosses, but nothing to worry about once you get them alone (though the bugbear chieftain can be a pain). This is a great place to get some nice loot and experience, and remember to look everywhere because there are a few prisoners that will tell you some information, as well as the farmer's wife, who you need to release to complete a quest.

Once you get to the very bottom you will come to your first real boss of this chapter (the human, not the ogre mage), again nothing really to worry about. Read his journal which will tell you more about the plans of the clan, and report back to your leaders.

What you do next is actually hard to determine, in terms of difficulty. If you choose to go to Neverwinter woods there will be more battles, more quests, and thereby more experience, but there is a quest there that you might not be able to complete for awhile.

On the other hand if you choose Charwood there aren't lot of battles until you get to the actual castle...and when you get there the battles are quite hard. I suggest you go to the Neverwinter Wood first, which is what I did, but it is up to you.

Neverwinter Wood

Start out by going out on the east road, and follow it into an archaeologist camp site. Talk to the people there to find out what happened, and get three quests. (An escaped criminal is in this part if you accepted the quest from Port Llast's mayor) Now I highly recommend you go into the troll and ogre caves, if not to complete the quests, then because of the fact that you will acquire a great amount of experience, gold and magic items.

The first golem you run into in the ancient's ruins requires a ring, you can find it in a chest on that floor. On the next floor the password is found in a chest just like the ring was (thanks to adam "mousemaster" walter.) or you can fight him or steal the key... so head down further and the third will attack you. continue on to find the book that you need for the last quest involving these caves.

Whatever you choose you can now you can now go into the Neverwinter Wood. Talk to the druids and learn about what is going on. You can get a quest here from the armored woman off by herself, but it is only for druids. Accept your quests so that you get permission to enter the forest and then you can advanced. (One of the escaped criminals is in this druid camp, if you took the Port Llast mayor's quest.)

Enter the cave and find one of the missing druids in there. In the back of this section is a nymph's house, where you can find another druid, as well as a special dagger and mirror. Take these and head deeper into the woods.

If you want you can enter the cave for a boss fight. It gives 420 experience which is a lot, but does hit hard, knockdown works well on it though. Now head north ignoring the alter and head into the next cave. (let me just say this is the best house I've ever seen built inside of a cave!) Do the usual search thing, and make sure you pick up the tome of resonance.

When you get to the ugly witch, just give her the mirror she asks for and she will give you the key to the cell (which holds the last missing druid) and the first gem for your gem quest. Free the druid and head to the shrine in the waterfall.

Click on kill yourself (all the other choices will result in bad things happening.) and you will be in the spirit of the forest realm. A few feet away you will find a man gone crazy, you can try and talk with him, but eventually he will attack you and you will learn the same information from his journal, so just kill him.

Directly north there are rocks that contain the antidote, from there just head to the center and you will find your first real boss fight.

Boss Fight: Spirit of the wood

This guy lets you feel challenged again. He attacks very fast, has knockdown and stun and also can cast spells. After awhile he will give up. Talk to him and listen to his story then go loot the alters, then talk to it again to cure it.

He will send you out and you can go report back in with the druids to get experience for cleansing the forest and rescuing the druids. From the information in the journal they say that the cult is in :Luskan, but we need more proof before they push thier buttons and allow you to enter the town, so now its off to...


In the south road you can find a cave where you find the remains of some ancient warrior, and eventually you'll come to a well. If your constitution is high enough (use a potion of endurance if necessary, you can make the swim across from this well to another. In a room nearby, you can pull a chain and an ancient warrior will ask you a question. (thanks to DavidS for reminding me to update this portion of the walkthrough)

Just answer it, and it doesn't matter which one you pick really, in fact some of the choices will produce some really funny answers. You'll get a magic helmet and random items. Now head back out to the south road. You can go to the tower in the southern part either way for a tomb and a gem (see quests) and there is also a portal up on top.

There is another cave in the north were you can find a werewolf (see quest) and then you can go deeper and enter the farmland. (note there is an escaped prisoner in the farmland) you can get a simple quest from peter the farmer (see quests) but besides that there is basically nothing else to do in here.

In the cursed forest you will find a glowing pillar, the code for this is found on a parchment elsewhere in this same area, in a chest. Nether, then shall, then rule (if you're incredibly lazy). Doing this will open a portal to a hidden tomb with a lot of good items, but a lot of nasty fights as well. This is basically the only thing in here, and you can continue up to Charwood. I was reminded of a way to get practically unlimited experience by using this portal: simply answer incorrectly, and you'll get two skeleton warriors to fight. Every time you answer incorrectly, you get two more. Season to taste. (Thanks to Shot for reminding me of this one)

Welcome to the most strange town in Neverwinter. You have the choice to either fix it, or leave it as it is. First of all go to the house to the left of the mayor's (basically the only other house you can go in) and talk to the next cult member. Again he's gone crazy and will eventually attack you, but you learn everything you need to know from his journal.

You now have a choice of either completing the Village of Eternal Night quest, or heading back and going to Luskan. I suggest you save the town because of the experience and items gained in doing so, but if you don't want to just scroll down.

Head north to the castle, you can easily persuade the man guarding it to let you through, as he seems pretty confused. Once inside make sure you go down the center path, as it has no enemies and a lot of magic items, the right path has a lot of enemies and some magic items, and the left path has a lot of enemies and no magic items. You can only choose one path so choose the center. Note that you CAN get through all three paths if you use an area-effect spell on the left and right doors, such as fireball or Evard's Black Tentacles. The idea is to get an enemy on the other side of the door to acknowledge that you hit him so he'll open the door, thus letting you through without choosing that path. Thanks to J-F for reminding me to put this in the walkthrough.

Now you will find yourself talking with a spirit, who gives you the task of being a judge in a case that he won't tell you about! The reason for this is because he is a god and its up to mortals to situate mortal matters.

You must go up the two towers and gather the information of each side of the story and get their testimonials and then make a decision, and if you make the right decision (it's an easy choice) then you save the town and complete the quest.

So go gather your information and items as well, get the testimonies, and get two tombs, one in each tower, then you go back to the spirit to make your choice (note: You can summon Belial and get his oath to find out that both are innocent, then you have a hard choice. You can choose to condemn the entire town to living outside the weave of time including the spirit by having the spirit guard the phylactery, this being the only punishment for Belial. You can also keep the phylactery and everyone goes free, including Belial, exp both ways but if you set people free the mayor gives you a chest with gold/loot. thanks Lokus!)

When you learn all the information you should be able to make a choice easily...which is Quint is innocent. Nonetheless they both are killed and the town is returned to normal, and you must leave never to return. Now you can return to the barracks with the proof needed to go to Luskan!

Remember before you go to Luskan make sure you COMPLETE your QUESTS because there's no turning back once you go in there. Scroll down for the quest section.


Before entering Luskan you'll want to check out the Green Griffon inn area. The main cave where the big boss werewolf is here (only after you saved the other three children) as well as the final tome (in the cemetery to the north east) the final gem for the gem quest, and the *final* escaped convict (see quests).

Also there is a dungeon challenge run by the owner of the inn that costs 500gp to enter, and the rewards are spectacular. It will take you awhile to do it but its worth it, again see quests.

Once you enter Luskan all previous quests, except search for the clan, will be wiped from your journal, as well as alot of the quest items. You walk up to see a man attack shape shifters. Talk to him for information of the situation going on in the town and then you can get on your way.

First head east to the Cutlass to get a couple of quests, then head to the whore house to get some more quests and vital information/items.

Now what you have to do now is either kill one of the high captains (required) or both. If you want to kill both, then i suggest you head to the sewers first, if you want to just kill one and get through this blasted chapter, again head to sewers. But if you want to complete all the quests that you get here then you will have to at least go in both hideouts.

Once you enter the sewers one of high captains is waiting for you. Actually its just an illusional sending but he will offer a truce, offering you a lot of money and reward for killing the other one (this is why you accept the quest if your planning on killing both of them) and you can also make him say that he will release the children if you got the quest in the inn.

Now head back out and head to the burnt tower and use the key to go through. On the other side of the sewers you will see a house with a big pillar in front of it. This will lead you to a VERY hard quest, with tons of monsters and bosses, but awesome loot experience and cash factor.

If you don't want to do that or done with it, head around the docks till you reach a huge building. This is Kurth's lair. There are some tough fights in this place, especially the final battle...

Boss fight: Kurth and 3x named guys. (note: the 3 named guys can be dealt with in another way... read on)

This is extremely challenging. I had to use the recall stone many many times in order to do this, for the plane fact that there are four bosses that all hit the same amount of damage. You have to focus on one at a time, making sure you leave Kurth to the last, because I believe these three power him up making him almost impossible to damage. Now that you've read this, you have another option, which Alex reminded me about: Outside the room Kurth is in, you'll find a portal room surrounded by summoned demons of various types. There is a small quest on this level to shut down that portal. I won't give too much away other than to say the instructions for shutting it down and one of the components you'll need to do so are located in the bedroom right outside the portal room, on a body. The other component is in a pool on the other side of the map (roughly) from that bedroom.

Once you kill him you take his head, rescue the man's sister (see quests) and you can leave. Report back to the sewers to get your reward. Don't bother trying to persuade him because it won't work, and when you ask about the children he laughs and tells you he has already killed them. If that doesn't make you want to go and kill him then maybe the fact he is the leader of a massive amount of lycanthropes (wererats in this case) will. Still not enough? How about the nifty magic studded leather and magic weapons he dual-wields, and a good amount of treasure in his accompanying chests?

You can threaten him and he will stay there, just go to the door behind it and bash it for you to get attacked by all the enemies. Luckily most are easily defeated zombies. Go through to the sewers till you get to a Yuan-ti necromancer. She's easily defeated and you'll get a note from her corpse describing what is going on in the floor above. Head up the stairs and through the door.

Head west and first go south into the spider part (obvious once you open the very first door on the left as you head west) and rescue a nanny from one of the web cocoons. She will tell the story of what happened to the 9 children she was nanny for, (See quests) and gives you proof to bring to the mother (who is in the bar in town). Now head to the west and destroy the two tombstone look alike things around the machine creating the zombies. The machine will blow up and you can head back into the center room.

Now the necromancer nearest the machine you destroyed will attack instead of just boasting. This can be a tough battle with the mass amount of zombies and skeletons jumping on you, but get through it and head all the way to the east. Now you'll see a bunch of skeletons kneeling in some sort of ceremony. Killing all of them will prompt an enemy (scaled to your level - queen spider sometimes, other times perhaps a greater mummy) to pop up where the empty souls used to come out, and after defeating it, that last part of the machine breaks.

Again head back to the main room and the second and last necromancer will be ready to fight. After you kill her you get her journal and a key to pass onto the next area.

Now just go through the door and across the walkways, right away you'll see Beram, with two casters near him (Sorial's note: I've never seen these zombie mages. I *always* see a single female cleric of Mask who bolsters Beram with spells, then attacks.) These are just regular zombie mages, which do very little damage. You should have little to no problem, only having to use the recall stone once, if you have to use it at all. Gather the loot and leave. If you'd like to *potentially* make this battle a little easier, destroy the two stone gargoyles (which won't animate) before you actually attack Beram. Beram does double-hit pretty hard, so you may or may not have the time to do that. If you read the Yuan-ti necromancer's journal (retrieved earlier), it mentions those statues and how they are designed to augment Beram's power. While I haven't verified that they actually work, I usually take the time to destroy them anyway, as typically I can take what Beram can dish out by the time I get here anyway.

(PS you can return to the guy who gave you the keys and information in the whore house to get 50 exp for each of these guys you kill)

Now return to Aarin Gend and he will make you a certificate note from one of the high captain's seals you retrieved from either Kurth or Beram. Now you can enter the tower of the arcane. Make sure you finish any quests you have before going because there will be no turning back.

The Tower of the Arcane

A lot of info to get in this place, so don't waste the chance. You get past the front gate showing him your letter, and enter the courtyard, proceed up and another person will ask for it. You can ask him questions too, and a lot of things will be learnt.

Inside you can talk to two other representatives, and you will learn some very horrible news. Find the journal that confirms it, along with a key and you're on your way to finishing chapter 2. Head to the teleportation platform and go up to level 2. Each level you will receive a key which will allow you to raise to another level. If you want the quick way through the tower, just take the portal to level 6 (the stone is in the room with the wizard who gloats "Do you know who you face?" before you kill him ;), then from there to go the pinnacle via the stone you find on this level. There is quite a bit of loot to be had here, so if you're after money and those few extra experience points, don't take the quick way up.

Otherwise, the tower is easy enough to figure out; and on level 4 just make sure you make the golem for yourself, it will break down the door and kill most of the enemies in the room beyond. Just stand back and watch till it disappears, then you have to fight...

Boss fight: Rimardo Domine

Since it is a mage tower you would expect to have to fight some magic users huh? Well this guy isn't tough if you know how to beat him. He has a greater water elemental that he summons, which is the real challenge there, to be able to defeat that while he casts all his powerful spells on you. Once the elemental is dead you can do damage to him, and he will surrender soon.

Get as much information as you can out of him and either kill him or let him go (will effect alignment) and head up to the next floor. Once you get to the top floor you find a lich in the middle of a blue field. Talk to him and get as much information out of him as you can, and accept to release him.

Now you have to smash the four braziers, each one popping out a mini boss. You shouldn't have any trouble with these guys. Knockdown works wonders on all of them, and they don't seem to get any harder as you go on.

Once the lich is free, talk to him and he will open the door. Now go out and you'll be on the roof. You'll be forced to watch Aribeth be converted to a Blackguard (fallen paladin) by the lizard queen Morag. Maugrim (who you've been hearing about if you've paid any attention) is also in attendance. They will teleport away once you've rattled the door a few times and they go through their chattering about Aribeth accepting her new mistress and forsaking Tyr, and a horde of old ones will rush at you. Most of them are easily defeated, with one harder warrior, a "Gorgoth", but still you shouldn't have any problems. You can run downstairs into Maugrim's chamber if you need to use recall stone, but watch out for the stone golem down there if you're low on hit points.

You can find a journal in the same chamber as well as some treasures in the chests and crates where you saw the ceremony being held. Now bring the journal back to Aarin Gend and that's it! Chapter two is done! Enjoy the gloomy theatrics.

The Search for the cult
This will be in your journal the entire chapter, and is completed after you complete the chapter.

Soon after arriving in the town you will be approached by Solomon, who gives you a ring because you apparently saved his family. Keep the ring and continue on with your journey.

Later on you will be approached by him again, and he will warn you to stop interfering with the clan. He also tells you that the ring he gave you was a tracking device that they have been using to track you this whole time. Ignore his warnings and keep the ring.

Later on you will run into him with a few guards; he is easily killed and has an important note to return to Aribeth. Once you return the note this quest is completed. (If you don't return the note you can get 2 additional quests...thanks to Sporkboy!)

Poor Neva (thanks to sporkboy!)
After killing Solomon and before giving the letter to Aribeth go to the Alliance Arms inn in Port Llast. A woman will appear; ask her for a job. She will tell you about her sister Neva. Head to the stone circle right outside the entrance to Charwood (South Road - Farmland map) and be ambushed. Kill them all, get the letter.

Vardoc's Hunt (thanks to sporkboy!)
After getting the second letter head back to where the woman appeared and a man will appear; he will tell you about Vardoc and how he was attacked. Also will tell you that you can't find him, he will find you. Don't bother searching for him because he will pop up randomly before you complete your quests. Kill him and return his note (part of the evidence you need to show where the cult is headquartered in this area) to Aribeth.

The Bounty Hunter:
You get this from the mayor in the barracks. You have to find five escaped convicts from Neverwinter and return with their ears. This is an interesting quest as you don't actually have to kill all of these people.

Zor is found in the locked room in the Green Griffon Inn. Right before he dies you can talk to him and learn about the prison break and a hint of where another convict may be located, but he then attacks you again saying that he wants you to get the reward and not another weak mercenary.

Wyvern is in the northwestern part of the druid encampment in the Neverwinter Wood. He will trick you into following him and summon two easy wolves, then give up when near dead. He will tell you his story and if you let him live (he cuts off his ear for the reward) you gain some alignment points. He also tells you where you might find another escaped prisoner.

Delilah is in the 2nd floor of Jax's barracks, in the east road. He won't try and get out of it, and you will have to kill him.

The final convict is located in the farm lands, in the hollowed tree stump. He offers to play a game with you to give you his ear. I failed the game and ended up killing him, but he is a baby killer so I didn't feel too bad about it.

Now that you have 4 of the 5 you can return to the mayor and he will inform you that his daughter was kidnapped by the 5th escaped prisoner, and gives you a key to the old mines. Yesgar will try and get out of it, and with persuasion you can learn the truth of what happened, and you can persuade him to give you all his riches, and cut off his ear, and give the key to the prison to release the daughter. Return the final ear to the mayor and this quest is completed.

The Serpent's Gems:
You get this quest from an elven man in the inn. He explains his story and tells you that he needs three gems in order to see his daughter.

The first gem is in Wanev's tower. There are two ways to approach this. She will give you a key to his cabin, and you can go in his cabin in the town. You will pick up some ingredients (2 skeliton knuckles, a beetle belly and a slaad tongue) and when you get to his kitchen you can put that in the brazier and that will transport you into a room with treasures, one including a journal of Wanev and a ward stone.

The ward stone will make it so that the monsters in Wanev's tower will not attack you. You can still go in to the tower and be attacked, but it will be considerably harder because there are a lot of monsters. Regardless of this you will still have to fight Wanev, and you will find the gem in his back room.

The second gem is in possession of a warrior named Zamithra, who is heading for Luskan. Now since Luskan is closed off you can know that she will be in the Green Griffon inn. She is there with guards. Now if your male you can talk her away from her guards to go into her room for "privacy" and when your up there turn the tables and tell her it was just a ploy to get the gem, she will give it up to you. I'm not sure what you do to get it if you are female though...maybe she is bisexual :)

The final gem is owned by the witch in the Neverwinter woods. Just give the witch the mirror and she will give you the gem.

The Werewolf hunter:
You first learn of this quest in the inn, but officially get it in the shrine. He will give you four silver necklaces that will cure these werewolves. What you have to do is find the three boys that were infected with lycanthropy, then the man that supposedly infected them with it, the head werewolf.

The first boy can be found right in town. Urth is hiding in his house, and is easy to miss (i did) Thanks to TrevorKKbo for this information.

The second boy is found in the very South East corner of the East road, by the entrance to the south road.

The third and final boy is found in a cave to the north in the south road.

After you have cured all three boys you can go after the master werewolf, where it all happened. This is in a cave in the Green Griffin Inn area in the south eastern area. After curing this wolf you find out that he is not the head werewolf, but in fact the man selling anti-werewolf materials!

Now head to Alhelor's house and defeat the final werewolf, and return to the temple with news to complete this quest.

Five Tomes of Imaskar:
The mage near the east road will give you this quest. She tells you about the legendary tomes of Imaskar and where to find them.

The Tome of Fire and Tome of Death are found in the Castle in Charwood, one in each tower.

The Tome of Resonance is found in the witches house in the Neverwinter woods.

Another tome can be found in Wanev's tower.

The final and the hardest tome to get is found in the cemetery outside the walls of Luskan. To be able to go in here go into the cremator's office to get the key, then down into the catacombs you go.

This place is extremely hard, filled with zombie warriors and skeleton elite that just pop up from the ground. There are many times were you have to fight over 10 at a time. The loot is good and so is the experience but be careful because the damage they do consecutively can kill you very fast. Eventually you'll make it to...

Boss fight: Brother Toras

This is another extremely hard caster battle. The stun and mesmerize along with web will drive you crazy. But first thing's first, take care of the 10 zombie warriors/skeleton elite/mages/ before you even try and fight brother Toras.

He has the usual 700 hp damage shield that a lot of casters have and would be best if you tried to lure the others out first before trying to kill him. The tome is on his body and there are some chests around with some treasure. Now that you have all the tomes the quest is over.

You can also use the information from these tomes in the quest-giver's library to create magic items (much like the dwarf in chapter 1 made things on his forge).

Gerrol's Wife:
As soon as you exit the barracks you get prompted for help, go north and talk to Gerrol and he will give you this quest. Freeing his wife in the caves north will complete it.

Dergiab's head:
Also gained at the same time as Gerrol's Wife, return the head of Dergiab (leader of the ogres) to complete this quest.

The Simpletons Mother:
Revat gives you a ring that allows you to release his mother, which is trapped in the storage area, northwest of the archaeologist camp.

A Troll Head Trophy:
Just kill the troll leader and return it to the guard in the archaeologist camp. You can also gain +3 alignment if you don't ask for a reward.

What Lurks Below:
This is what you might have problems doing when you first get it. When you get to the creators tomb, find the ring to get past the first guardian (or you can kill him) and continue searching and fighting, getting the awesome loot and experience, until you get to the next guardian.

He asks for a password, which you can give, or you can kill him (remember that blunt weapons, including your fists, do more damage to undead than edged weapons) after you level up for a bit, and you'll eventually find the book he wants. Return the book to him to get the reward.

The Witch's Mirror:
Find the mirror in the nymphs house. Giving this to the witch will get you a gem and a key to release one of the missing druids. (Sorial’s note: Look around in her library while you’re in there – one of the tomes you need for another chapter quest is in a glowing bookcase)

The Missing Druids:
Just return to the druid master when you found the druids to receive a reward, the locations of the druids are mentioned above.

Spirit of the Wood:
Again return to the druid master after you've cured the spirit of the wood.

Peter And the wolves:
Peter, a farmer in the south road on the way to Charwood has a problem. A wolf that talks human has been killing his horde! He has offered you money to kill this creature. The cave is nearby, and the wolf will eventually give up and talk to you.

With enough persuasion you can talk the wolf into not attacking the cattle, and then talk Peter into believing that the wolf will keep its word. If your not good at persuasion you'll have to finish off the wolf and bring him back its head.

Erik's Despair: (thanks to Jason)
In the same area where you get Peter and the wolves and find the criminal Stirge you can get a quest from the farmer in the NE corner, if you ask him about a job. Now go into the house and talk to his son, and you'll have to visit Constance and get a brooch from her. Take back to Erik for reward!

The Village of Eternal Night:
Completed automatically if you make the correct choice in the castle in Charwood. Explained above.

Mutamin's Challenge:
This is the challenge in the Green Griffin inn. It costs 500gp to enter, but you can use your recall stone to go back and forth, and it isn't dependant on time, the way they make you believe it is. During your searches of the dungeon you will pick up certain trinkets, the only one you need is the egg.

To kill the shadows just lure them to the pillar of light (a man will tell you this if you give him a potion). You can save one of the people from a monster on the first level, and right before you enter the final test, the other dwarf challenger will attack you.

The final challenge is just to put the egg into the chest, just go slow, save and rest often, and you should be able to get through it. The reward is a ton of money, a ton of experience, some magic items, and whatever you find down in the dungeon.

Strange Bedfellows:
Not really a quest, after you talk to the women in charge of the whore house you will get this quest, and once you talk to the girl upstairs it is completed.

Erbs Delicate Problem:
Erb is the little guy on the second floor of the whore house. He tells you about a ring he gave to one of his "customers" who has a husband, and needs it back for his own sake. Just head to the estate next to the inn and convince the lady to give you the ring, and make sure not to hurt her.

Harlot's Husband:
Harlot is another quest you'll find in the 2nd floor of the whorehouse, she tells you how she had a baby with a "customer" and wants to raise it herself but he doesn't want her to. So head over to Galron's house and you can buy the baby for 500gp, but if you have good persuasion you could get it down to 75gp for the little girl....good quest scripting!

The Ruins Of Illusk:
This is a very hard quest, but straightforward. The ruins are beyond one of the high captains in Luskan (I'll let you figure out which one and how to get there). You enter a building and are attacked by a mini boss, you should have no problem with him, and loot the item on him and put it on the alter. You just broke the first seal. Two to go. Each seal has a mini boss, which gets harder, and are accompanied by lots of friends. Finally at the bottom you'll find...
Boss fight: Voleron The damned

VERY hard fight. Besides the fact that this guy could kill ten of you, he is accompanied by hoards of zombie warriors and skeleton elite. His spells include web that will stop you in your tracks, a stun spell that will stun you and your henchman for up to a minute, daze spell that will incapacitate you for over a minute, confusion, ice stream that does 70+ damage to you and your henchman, rain of fire which can cause 20-80 damage to whoever is under it, plus the fact that he has a shield around him that absorbs quite a bit of damage before you can actually start to hurt him. He also summons a huge bear at the beginning of the fight. It took me almost a half hour to defeat this guy, and it all depends on luck, don't hesitate to use the recall stone, and when its all over go collect your treasures and leave this awful place!

Saving Evaine:
After you rescue Evaine in Kurth's lair return to the inn to get your reward.

Nine Lives:
After you talk to the nanny in Barom's lair and bring the teddy bear as proof that all nine of this poor women's children are dead return the news to the poor lady in the inn to get a key to her husbands secret stash in the sewers. Enter the sewers through the pothole near the smithy and go north I believe to get this reward.
Sewer Potion Machine (thanks to E V A N G E L I S M, thanks to Nynaeve for the Recepies)
A gnome sorcerer in Luskan tells you that he's made a machine that can convert sewer water to any kind of potion! But there's a problem, the High Captains broke it. The machine uses 4 Levers needed to activate it, ,and he aasks you to find them. 1st lever is in a house in the city, 2nd is given from a Ghoul inside the Sewer (you need to complete his quest look below), 3rd is found in the sewer as well, actually still on the machine, and the fourth is found on the streets above. After you fix the machine u can make any potions by using different configurations of the levers, and the gnome will give you discount in his shop. Lever/Potion Combo's-there are the 4 switches, and you can either put them back or foward (B and F)
    1 2 3 4 - Original Reward
    B B B B - Nothing
    B B B F - Lore
    B B F B - Barkskin
    B B F F - Bull's Str.
    B F B B - Aid
    B F B F - Cat's Grace
    B F F B - Invisibility
    B F F F - Cure Light Wounds
    F B F F - Nothing
    F F B B - Cure Moderate Wounds
    F F B F - Speed
    F F F B - Clarity
    F F F F - Sewage
The Amulet of Power: (Thanks to Lunasea!!)
One of the highest asked questions are referred to this quest. I myself have not completed it but according to Lunasea the Ghoul that you are looking for doesn't have a specific name, just Ghoul or Ghoul Lord, so make sure you check the body's for the amulet of power! His brother will give you your reward and I believe a key to get the 2nd switch in the fabulous contraption quest.
The High Captains:
Completed after you kill one of the captains, and updated automatically if you kill the second.
Henchman Quests
The Barbarian
He wants to find the axe that was used to kill his mother. This can be found on the dwarf in the dungeon below the green griffon inn. (Thanks to Ventes 4!)
The Rogue
This time he wants the ruby of Calishan which can be found in Wanev's tower. (Thanks to Lokus!)
The Bard
She wants a lock of Nymph's hair. This can be found in the Nymph's house (thanks Dirk7)
The Monk
Wants the glove of corpse handling which is found outside the Luskan graveyard (i had found this but didn't know what it was for, thanks Dirk7!)
The Sorcerer
She wants the prism seeds found in the troll/creator caves somewhere before the first guardian (again i found these but didn't know what it was for, thanks Dirk7!)
The Cleric
She wants her husband's journal also found in the troll caves. Thanks Dirk7!)
Major Points of Interest
Port Llast
Port Llast - Cracked Anvil
Port Llast - Dockhouse
Port Llast - Eisenfeldt Home
Port Llast - Eltoora's Lab
Port Llast - Inn
Port Llast - Kendrack's Barracks
Port Llast - Temple of Tyr
Port Llast - Wanev's Cottage
East Road
East Road - Creator Ruins
East Road - Archaeologist's Camp
East Road - Troll Caves
North Road
North Road - Arcane Brother's Tomb
North Road - Barn
North Road - Bugbear Caves
North Road - Caretaker's House
North Road - Gerrol's House
North Road - Goblin and Orc Caves
North Road - Green Griffon Inn
North Road - Ogre Caves
North Road - Port Llast Mines
Charwood - Castle Jhareg
Charwood - Haunted Crypt
Charwood - Haunted Forest
Neverwinter Wood
Neverwinter Wood - Spider Cave
Neverwinter Wood - Wolf Cave
Neverwinter Wood - Deep Woods
Neverwinter Wood - Druid Camp
Neverwinter Wood - Heart of the Forest
Neverwinter Wood - Nymph's Home
Neverwinter Wood - Realm of the Spirit
Neverwinter Wood - Setara's Home
South Road
South Road - Caves
South Road - Farmer Ingo's House
South Road - Farmer Odeel's House
South Road - Wanev's Tower

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