CHAPTER III Beorunna's well

There's a lot to do in this town, including a quest you can do that you don't even have to leave the town to complete! Go to quest section for more information. There is considerably less to do in this chapter than in the last two, but still quite a bit, so lets get started.

Learn about what your mission is from Aarin, then pick a henchman. I suggest you pick the same one you've had all along if you are doing their quests, so you can get the third henchman quest in this chapter. Next, go speak with Lillian Cambridge in the drinking house, who knows where one of the words of power is. She will tell you that if you get her snowglobe back, she will tell you where one of the words of power are. Head to Coldwood to complete this portion.

There are a lot of things to do in Coldwood. For one, you can find the first orc camp (see quests). Also, you can find another wizard's tower to get a rare gem (See quests). Go into the tower to get the snowglobe.

The tower is a circular design with a puzzle in the center. There are four pillars; use identify to see the animal for each. The combination (for the impatient) is Puma-Dog-Bear-Dragon, which you'll learn from a diary page left by the creator of the dungeon. The door will open and you'll have to fight a huge fire elemental tougher than others found in the dungeon and you can get the snowglobe. There is a prisoner in the dungeon as well; none other than the mage Nax who stole the snow globe from Lillian. Talk to him for hints on how to free him. It's quite simple using the different tomes you find in the dungeon, and the Ring of Melf, along with a few component items found here as well.

After getting the snowglobe and completing all the quests return to Lillian and she will tell you that the word of power is actually inside the snow globe! She will reward you for bringing it back to her, and now you can go upstairs and enter the snowglobe.

Inside you'll find dryads and dwarves fighting. Notice that only one race of the dwarves and dryads is attacking you, and that it's the race who was being attacked when you looked at the snow globe. Enter the cave in the center of this area and you will find a dragon guardian. In a chest nearby you will find a broken amulet. Go take it to the race that's not attacking you - if it's the dwarves, they can fix the crack. If it's the dryads, they'll say the dwarves could probably fix it. Do what you can, then exit through the same portal you entered and rotate the snowglobe and re-enter it. (thanks to Superninjabeast for this info!) The race who talked to you before will attack you, so talk to the other side to achieve their part of fixing the amulet. The dwarves need to fix the crack before the dryads can repair the magical aura, of course. Once you have the amulet repaired, go take on the white dragon guardian, who will be much easier if you have the amulet on. You can take him out without it, but it does make it quite a bit easier. The chest just beyond him will be unlocked upon his death, and inside is the word of power and a wee bit of dragon-horde treasure.

Boss Fight: Guardian Dragon

This guy is hard as any other dragon; he attacks very fast, doing large amounts of damage with his multiple attacks each round. He has standard dragon immunities, and has a lot of hit points. A strategy that I used was that since you cannot use the recall stone, to run outside the cave. The dragon will follow you, but he's too big to reenter the cave! So just enter the cave, rest, save, go out, fight and repeat as needed. After defeating him go back inside to collect the treasures and the word of power.

After the short dialog head back and give the word to Aarin, and if you talked to the druid in the camp in the north west then you'll know that something is amiss with a tribe in the south. So head down there.

Fort Ilkard

Head straight through the countryside to fort Ilkard. There are quite a few side quests you can do here, such as finding the 2nd orc leader (see quest) as well as a bundle of quests related to the fort itself. You do not have to complete them to continue the game, and see the quests section for more information.

When you're ready, head to the Fort Ilkard: Ruins map. Its entrance is in the southeast corner of the Fort Ilkard map. Travel to the northwest corner of the Fort Ilkard: Ruins map. Grab the Ash seed from the small stone in the middle of three taller ones for Linu La'neral if you're doing henchman quests, then enter the tunnel into the Fort Ilkard: Creator Race Ruins map.

This area is fairly straight forward. First, pick up the note and translation amulet from the corpse right inside the door. Wear the amulet, as you'll need it to understand anyone inside this area. Next, head to the door across from where you came in. It leads to the Fort Ilkard: Creator Race Ruins Garden map, where you can talk to Sapphira, a temporal wild mage (Don't know what a wild mage is? Try out 3rd edition D&D and read some of the books). She wants you to head back in time to plant the seeds of the rare Ultarg tree for her, which only bears fruit every 10,000 years or so. This gives you the quest "Plant the Ultarg Tree Seeds", which will give you reasonable reward. Since you have to go into the past to weaken the golems to finish the main quest in this area, you might as well.

Read the notebook Sapphira gave you to learn how to use the sun dials found in 3 places inside the Fort Ilkard: Creator Race Ruins map. Head to one of the sun dials and go back in time. Work your way to the garden and have a short encounter with Morag, the head-nasty of this entire game. Fortunately, you won't have to (and can't) fight her here. Instead, you'll trade a few words and she'll summon a few guards for you to play with. When you're finished mopping them up, plant the seeds of the Ultarg tree and go back into the ruins to talk to each of the golem slaves. It will help if you go to the far northeast corner of the map right away and talk to Lokar, who will help you by giving you a ring that makes persuading the golem slaves much easier. Go talk to the golem slaves, and persuade each of them to build a weakness into the particular golem they're working on. Make sure the weakness is one that you are particularly good at dishing out. For example, a greatsword wielding paladin might want to ask the golem slave to build in a vulnerability to slashing and piercing weapons. A monk might want him to build in a vulnerability to blunt weapons (unarmed). A sorcerer might want cold/fire weaknesses built in. You can change your mind and get them to build in a different weakness before you leave for the future, but they will only build in one weakness. When you have talked to all three golem slaves and chosen your particular vulnerability for each golem, use the sun dial to go back to the future (bad pun, I know).

At this point you'll be able to defeat all three golems using the attack type corresponding to the vulnerability you asked the golem slaves to build into each of the golems. All that's left is to pick up a few choice items from all the various chests in the area, then complete the puzzles for the quest "Unlocking the Door of Three". Some items (in the present time) worthy of mention are the "Tome of the Amulet", located in a book pile near where Lokar gave you his ring in the past, and "Tamorlyn's Song", an actual song that you'll find in a room adjacent to where you find the Tome of the Amulet.

"Unlocking the Door of Three"

Riddle of Light
This riddle is located in the southwest side of the ruins. The riddle of light can only be completed using the stones drawn from the holy pool in the center of the pillars. Begin by choosing any two of the single stones, by choosing a color when you "talk" to them, set in the primary color pools. The secondary pools must then be filled with the twin gems (one in each pool) that match the corresponding color that would be created by combining the hues of the stones in the primary pool.
Sound confusing? It's not: Click on one pool of primary colors. choose red, blue, or yellow. Go to the pool of primary colors. Press one of the other two available colors (The one you picked the first time you can't choose). Mix the two colors together.. remember doing this in kindergarten? (Or your country's equivalent) In my case, I chose red for one, and yellow for the other. Red and yellow make.. orange! Next, put one of the gems that matches your mixed color (orange in my case) in each of the secondary color pools. Bingo, you've completed the riddle of light.

Riddle of Sound
Located in the northern side of the ruins, this is probably the easiest of the three riddles, as you have only to follow a hapless sprite around, ringing gongs until the riddle is solved. By the numbers then: Enter the riddle room (with the gongs) and kill the old one bodak champion. Get the Fairy Bottle from his corpse and use its unique power on a point on the floor to release the sprite you may have seen while you were in the past. She will immediately go to the first gong in an 8-note sequence that you must follow to complete this riddle. Here's the 8 note sequence I received:
I'm not sure if it'll be the same every time, but I think so, since I have not had it change yet. Be careful that you wait for the sprite's sound to die off before you whack the same gong - there have been reports of this riddle being hard to complete if you get too impatient. You CAN watch the sprite when you go back into the past, but it's a bit hard to tell which gong she started on, so it's best to wait until you're in the present so you can follow her. Once you have completed the sequence properly, the riddle is complete.

Riddle of Smoke
This riddle, located in the southeast side of the ruins, is probably the most difficult due to a slight miswording (in my opinion) by the Bioware script writers. To complete this riddle, you need to do what the temple defenses book said: cast the blessed powders (from the table) on the sacred brazier so that their combinations match the descending order of the stones set into the brazier's base. While you can't see stones in any descending order, we do know (by reading the text on the easel) that emerald is considered highest, amethyst is middle, and malachite is lowest. We also know that emerald is green, amethyst is purple, and malachite is orange (ok, maybe we didn't know about malachite, but orange is the only color coming from the brazier that isn't taken already!). In descending order then (funny thing is that this is ASCENDING to me, and is what I meant about a wording issue above):
  • malachite = orange = yellow + red
  • amethyst = purple = blue + red
  • emerald = green = yellow + blue
Bingo, this puzzle is complete, and so is the quest "Unlocking the Door of Three"

Run out and chat with Sapphira (who has a lovely tree next to her now) and you will have completed the quest "Plant the Ultarg Tree Seeds". She gives you 3 nice rubies in return.

Zip to the previously locked big door in the southern side of the map, whack the baddies (a Balor lord who likes summoning succubae - don't worry, he looks much worse than he really is), grab the Balor's key and grab the word of power from the altar. Talk to Haedraline (whose image appears to you right as you take the word of power from the altar) to get information and to further the story, and you're done in this area. You can take the nifty pop-up portal near where Haedraline appeared out to the creator race ruins map, right at the exit to the Fort Ilkard map. Quite the time saver in getting back to civilization so you can deliver this word of power to Aarin Gend.


There is only one place left to go: west into Moonwood. There aren't as many quests in here, rather then the final orc cave as you first enter here. In the next area there are two caves, the cave in the middle will lead to another dragon who will give you a totally optional quest and give you some information. (see quests for more info)

Now head into the next area, the spine of the world, and you'll be attacked by the cult. After that head into the cave to get a quest from yet another dragon, who will also tell you more about what's going on. When your done searching the area head to the fire giant lair to the north.

In here there is two different entrances to the next area, you can go in the north part, but there is nothing in here really besides some items and experience, in the east way you'll fight

Boss Fight: King Skragg

He's a tough hitter, like everyone in here, and very fast. You'll have to use your recall stone a few times.

In theory you don't have to fight this guy, because his loot is a book you can find in other area's of the dungeon, but he gives great experience. The book will explain what you'll have to do in a little while, so head around till you get to the caves. The first cave only has a

Boss Fight: Death Slaad Lord

I had no problem with this guy, and I did this part of the chapter before Fort Ilkard. He does give good experience and there are some chests down here, but other then that there's nothing else.

The next cave you come to will be the dragon cave. Here you have to fight a bunch of the necromancers, then kill

Boss Fight: Blue Dragon

Hard, just as hard as all the other dragons you've fought up to this point. Just use the stone of recall when needed and eventually he'll fall. Now go to the pool near him and take the sphere, putting it on the alter. You will get the dead dragon sphere and you can now head out. (note:you do not have to do this if you wish to take the evil way out and work for the evil dragon.)

Now head down to Klauth's lair and talk to him and he already knows why your there! (though he doesn't know you're about to give him a bad sphere, go figure) you now have a choice, either work for this dragon to help prolong his life, and go gather the eggs from the previous two dragons that you got quests from, or give him the bad sphere and kill him. Now I don't know the reward for the eggs, but I do know the reward for killing him is awesome, as when he dies three treasure chests pop up with awesome magic items...its up to you whether or not you want to fight...

Boss Fight: Klauth

This dragon is unbelievably hard. He will double hit for very good damage twice every round, will knockdown and is immune to a lot of things. You can give up trying to kill him if you don't give him the bad ball which brings him down to BADLY WOUNDED, and it will still take you a very long time to get him from badly wounded to dead. Good luck, you'll need it, and don't be afraid to use the recall stone because he can take your life down from full to zero in no time at all.

After he is dead you will get the key to the back room off his body, and the chests filled with incredible magic items and gold. Head to the back room to get the final word and you'll learn that Neverwinter is severely under attack, learn more about why and head back to your master. Give him the final word and prepare yourself for the final challenge! Chapter three is completed!

The words of power
This is the quest that will stay in your journal through the entire act, will update as you collect each word, then complete as you collect the final word and finish the chapter.
Coldwood Tomb - Pedestals:
Not much in this section yet - look for the tomb in coldwood and kill the baddies inside. On some of the corpses, you'll find gems (they may be in chests etc. as well - I haven't written this down yet). The gems are valueless (you can't sell them), and are named things like "Gem of Honor", "Gem of Pain", etc. In the tomb you'll find 5 pedestals - a central one surrounded by 4 others. Inside the 4 surrounding pedestals you'll find tomes named "Green Tome", and the like. You'll notice the gems are colored as well. For instance, there's a green one... Get the idea yet? If not, you'll have to wait for me to add more information to this section. I've been through the quest, but I just hate giving away ALL the information when it's so easy :)
Coldwood Tomb - Succubus:
The succubus is after 3 items of hers. You'll find them around the tomb, and once returned to her, will give you a magic item (dagger), a spell cast (opens all doors - if you're a rogue or have knock you will probably have opened them all anyway), and lastly she'll reward your hard work in returning all her items by breaking free and attacking you. Hey, experience points are a reward, aren't they? ;)
Talk to Lillian Cambridge:
Not really a quest, just go talk to her!
Save the Supply Line
You get this quest from the man in the barracks. He informs you that orc captains around the area have been disrupting his orders for more supplies for the soldiers. He is offering a reward for the two orc captains Vaathis and Guzud. Please keep in mind you do not have to kill any of the orc captains, just make them give you a head lookalike and bribe them to leave and never come back. Vaathis is found in the orc camp in Coldwood. It isn't hard to find and its in the first section of it. Just make your way through the very small camp and either kill him or get an orc head lookalike. Guzud is found in the cave in Fort Ikard, to get here as soon as you enter go east and follow the path and you'll eventually get there. Fight your way through the cave and you'll find him, either defeat him or get a lookalike head. Also while your here release the Tribal prisoner and make sure you get the leaf of peace. This is essential if you want to do the Fort Ilkard quests. After you return the two heads back to him, he will inform you about the orc King, that has an alliance with the cult. He can be found in the cave soon after you enter Moonwood. This dungeon is a little bit harder then the previous two, and you'll have to fight some tough dark elves, but you shouldn't have any problems. Again when you find him either kill him or bribe his head out of him and return it to the man to complete the quest.
Rolgan's Trial
This is a real tricky quest, and I haven't been able to complete it perfectly, though I have tried very hard, I'm pretty sure there is no way to complete it perfectly. You get this quest in the temple of tyr, where you learn about the fate of Rolgan, a man who killed one of the army's soldiers. Your job is to represent him, and prove that he is innocent. You will get a book with the names of the witnesses and the names of the jury members. Now you can go and learn more about each jury member, to see what they like and dislike, so you know which questions to answer, also if you want to get the best reward (that I was able to) you'll have to bribe the only jury members that can be bribed, which are the man in the drinking house that isn't very nice, and the soldier in the barracks. The reason you'll have to bribe these people is because the soldier is sympathetic with the being drunk question, while the old lady is not, and the guy with the bad attitude, well has a bad attitude and like to see people hang! Now that you have bribed two judges you only have to worry about the other three. This is where it gets tricky. The priest hates the religion of these people, as well as their cult and artifacts, also hates alcohol, and doesn't seem to be convinced to vote innocent just because no one saw who started the fight. And as being the only questions you can ask are about who started the fight, questions about their cult and questions about alcohol, I have yet to find a way to make this man vote innocent. The other two though are both members of the same tribe, and can be persuaded to vote innocent if you mention the value of the things he lost, as well as why she sent him to meet the soldier that night, and if your desperate then play the only reason that he is on trial is because he is different card. Now you'll have a 4 to 1 vote for innocent and you'll get the biggest reward (that I was able to get) with 3 votes for innocent you'll gain a good reward but not as good as 4 to 1, and if you lose the case you'll gain a very little reward. Another way to get a 4 to 1 vote submitted by Ricky Cheng: The witness in the drinking house will tell you a secret if you buy him a few rounds of beers(1gp each only) Now in the trial do not mention alcohol or about the value of the things they lost when questioning his wife and you should get a 4 to 1 vote. (thanks Ricky!) Another way to get a secret is to heal the soldier with the broken leg by either magic or healing skill. A way to get a 5 to 0 vote without bribing!!! Submitted by Claudio! Thanks a lot Claudio!!!: Talk to everyone keeping Lodar last, go to the drinking house and be nice to him and you'll find out how racist he was and another secret. Now start the trial.
  • Ask him how Griff felt towards Rolgan. Then do the insight question (if no insight appears you may have to raise your wisdom or intelligence stat)
  • If it was true that Rogan gave Griff a spiked drink.
  • If he saw who started the fight
  • If he saw who started the fight
  • Ask about the spiked drink.
  • Why she sent Rolgan to see Griff
  • What happened that night
In closing
  • We all knew that Griff was a violent man
  • He spiked Rolgan's drink
The Snow Globe
After talking to Lillian you get this quest. Find the snow globe in the wizard's tower and return it to her. You will get rewarded and find out the truth about the globe. After defeating the dragon, releasing the elves and dwarves from their prison and getting the word of power you will complete this quest.
The Siege of Fort Ilkard
This is a nice quest, with a lot of twists and turns. When you first enter the fort you learn about the tribe allying with the cult and after talking to the captain he offers you a reward for taking out the catapults that are attacking the fort. This is pretty simple, just head out of the fort to the west and head around north to defeat all the enemies and destroy all the catapults. After its clear (you'll know because there are no enemies near the fort) go back to him and get your reward. Now he will want you to take out the commander for the catapult team. Head to the command post and kill Arness, and return her head to him. Again he wants another task from you, and that is to infiltrate the fort of this tribe and take out the leader, who is found in homestead, bringing his head back to him. Now if you got the peace feather you will be able to learn the truth, if not you'll have to fight your way through and take the head of the leader back to him. Now if you have the leaf you'll be able to enter without fighting, and make your way to the leader peacefully and talk to him. Here you will learn the truth about the captain, and you are given a hard choice. You can return to him, confront him with the evidence, and get the cure, or kill the leader and bring the head back to the captain. Personally I chose to cure them, because it will allow you to complete another quest, listed below, and the reward is greater. To get the cure you can either bribe it from him, for a pretty high price, or kill him, making the whole fort attack you from then on, so if you want to go this way make sure you complete the other quest from the fort if you want to. (you lose no alignment for killing the fort members, or the captain) After you either cure the tribe, or bring the leader's head back to captain this quest is completed.
Investigate the Elk Tribe
You get this from the druid in Beorunna's Well, who tells you that the clan is peaceful and doesn't know why they allied with the clan. Once you learn the only reason they allied was to cure the disease that the captain gave him, and cure them, they will give you a symbol of peace to bring back to the druid. You complete this quest when you return the peace symbol to him, and cannot complete it if you kill the clan and bring the head to the captain.
Deliver Eckel's note
A simple quest, talk to Eckel in the barracks and he will ask you to bring a note to his wife in the farmlands to the west. Just head to the house and give her the note to get the reward.
Working for Akulatraxas
This is the quest you get from the dragon in the center of the second part of Moonwood. She is afraid for her egg and wants you to take out the Hill giant chieftain who is leading many raids on her lair in an attempt to get her eggs. So head across the map west to the hill giant caves and make your way through. By the entrance to the second floor you'll have to fight a hill giant champion, which might be pretty tough depending on your luck and class etc. Head down and continue until you find...
Boss Fight: Hill Giant Chieftain
Not a hard fight...just have to worry about his hard hitting and knockdown, but you can knockdown him as well...I didn't have much trouble with him at all. Now take his head and return it to the dragon to complete this quest. After you do this you could actually go inside the egg room and take her treasure (good magic items and gold) as well as take her egg. She will attack you but you won't have to kill her. You can if you want, and she has the same difficulty as the guardian dragon in the snow globe, maybe a little harder, and you'll have to do this if you want to go the evil way and work for the red dragon and collect the eggs. If you just want the treasure though you can just run in, grab the treasure, and recall out.
Klauth The Ancient Red Wyrm
You get this after learning about Klauth and his experiments, and you automatically complete it after he is dead and you get the word of power, or after you complete his quest and get the word of power. You can find Klauth in the fire giant stronghold. Simply enter the stronghold then go to the eastern fire giant area (obvious once you see the exits to western and other areas) and follow the map around to the entrance to Klauths' lair. You'll probably need information from other sections of the eastern fire giant area to kill Klauth, as he's damned tough. You *can* weaken him considerably if you use a little trick you learn about as you progress through that eastern area. Pay attention to information about dragon orbs.
Dragonslayer (Thanks to E V A N G E L I S M)
This is the quest you get if you accept Klauth's offer to get the eggs, you'll have to kill all the previous dragons you met(or just be very sneaky) take each of thier eggs and treasure, and return them to the ancient wyrm, you will get a healthy reward.
Gorgotha The gold dragon
Another dragon, you find her right before entering the fire giant's lair. She wants the head of Klauth to know that her eggs are safe. Bring her the head of Klauth if you kill him to complete this quest. Like with Akulatraxas after you return Klauth's head you can enter her egg chamber for some nice magic items, and recall right out to avoid fighting her, you'll also need her egg if you choose to work for Klauth.
Henchman Quests
Daelan Red Tiger the Barbarian (thanks to Atemi45!)
Wants the spear that you get from the Uthgardt Elk tribe if you cure them. Note that you won't have a chance to cure them if you just walk through and whack the barbarians. Either enter the Elk tribe fort carrying the fetish from the druid in town, or head immediately northeast in the Elk tribe fort and talk to the wounded warrior. You'll have to go through a few barbarians if you choose the latter method, but the rest of the once hostile barbarians will become neutral to you, and you'll be able to talk to the barbarian chieftain and complete his quest (which results in you receiving the Uthgardt ceremonial spear).
Sharwyn the Bard (thanks to Jake)
She wants an ancient song of Tamoryn, found in the creator ruins, in present time on far right (in a tomb)
Tomi Undergallows the Rogue (Thanks to Kyle!)
Is looking for hero ash, found in Uthgardt Fort west of Fort Ilkard.
Linu La'neral the Priest (thanks to Kyle!)
Wants the seed of a Volcanic Ash Tree found in the ruins area, before going into the Creator Ruins.
Boddyknock Glinckle the Sorcerer (thanks to Kyle!)
Wants a dragon scale that's found in the cave of a dead dragon in the Spine of the World.
Grimgnaw the Monk (Thanks to Kyle!)
Wants a dagger that is blessed by a member of his order. It's just a regular looking dagger (you can tell because it is valueless) and is found in Coldwood, in the orc camp.
Major Points of Interest
Beorunna's Well
Beorunna's Well - Aarin's Lodge
Beorunna's Well - Drinking House
Beorunna's Well - Many-Starred Cloak Enclave
Beorunna's Well - Mercenary Enclave
Beorunna's Well - Temple of Tyr
Beorunna's Well - Trading Post
Coldwood -
Fort Ilkard
Fort Ilkard -
Moonwood -
Snow Globe
Snow Globe -

Missing Information: If you notice anything missing, please send it to Sorial